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Welcome to Harmony! We're an anime tcg that features scenes, characters, openings, endings, mangas & couples! Take a look around and if you see something you like, don't hesitate to join us! This site is run by Samichan & Jessica and has been going strong since February 2013!


This probably isn't suprising.

Hi guys, I'm here with a rather bitter announcement. :c I have decided that it's time to close Harmony. It took me a very long time to realize that the TCG isn't just as strong as it used to be. I don't want to say I don't enjoy updating it anymore, I just don't devote as much attention to it as I used to and it's frankly not fair to you guys. Harmony has been around for an awesome TWO YEARS! I did not think that when I opened it it would last this long, you guys made it an awesome site to run - truly. Without you guys' help it would not have lasted this long, for SURE. I have decided that it's been long enough and it's time to "retire" in a sense. I don't have the energy to run this site anymore and am not going to shove it all on my staff. It's just dwindled from it's glory days. I'm not going to drag on with explaining how busy I am or anything because that's just more excruciating details to write T_T. SOO, let's keep it not so short and sweet and say goodbye for now. :c I'm not saying this project will never open and that I won't ever do another project - BUT this one is saying goodbye & taking a rest. It's been too awesome guys, so farewell for now. <3 The site will stay up for however long, but I ask that you please let it rest, thanks. I only ask that you please do not message me and ask me things about Harmony, it'll only make me feel worse. :c

Shh, please do not wake the sleeping kishin.

12 Mar 2015
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