Shop Info

If you've browsed around before hand or visited the forum, you've seen the different types of items that we have to offer here at Harmony!There are 3 types total: Candy Exchange, Figurine Shop and the CD Shop.I'll break those down below so you can see how to use them!

» Candy Shop/Sweets Exchange

This is where you can swap your candies for another type of candy or buy cards. This one strictly deals with candy and cards! It used to be monthly typed-shops but now you can buy anytime on the forum!

» Figurine Shop

This is a shop where you can buy those oh-so-collectable figurines! These are added continuously through the tcg. They are all at a set rate and unlimited to buy!

» CD Shop

The last type of shop we have here at Harmony is a CD/Soundtrack shop! This is where you buy those lovely soundtracks for animes. These are 100% donateable and at a set price!


It'd be hard to buy things without knowing what the currency is huh? Well, the currency here at Harmony is candies~! There are three types of candy, which are shown below.

They are worth: 10, 25, 50 in that order. They are won from games and various activities from around the site~!

Special Currency

During events there will usually be special currencies circulating around the site. The regular candy currency is NOT removed when these are in play. The currencies used so far:

The only event that has been in place is the: World's Collide.


We do have coupons here at Harmony. The coupons are pretty explanitory and can be redeemed in the coupon exchange in your memberpanel.

Card Types

There are a few types of cards here at Harmony. The types are: character, couple, openings/endings, manga, member decks, member made, puzzles, scenes, and specials. All are worth 1 except characters, couples, and specials, which are worth 2. Memberdecks are worth 0.

Character cards feature characters from various anime - worth two.

Couple cards feature relationships from various anime - worth two.

OP/END cards feature openings and endings from various anime - worth one.

Manga cards feature various manga series - worth one.

Member decks are custom decks picked especially by you. You can get them made at the form by completed various tasks - worth zero.

Member made decks are decks made from member contributions to a certain theme on the forum - worth one.

Puzzle decks used to be for site only events. Since the revamp they are regular circulating decks. They also contain member special puzzles unlocked at level Jyuu - worth one.

Scene cards are the main staple here at Harmony. They feature various scenes from different anime - worth one.

Special decks will be decks centered around themes - worth two.


Everytime you trade 25 cards worth with another person you've filled out a stampcard! You can find the cards here! You can turn them in at the forum for rewards.It goes by card worth-not count! If you trade 1 special for 2 regulars you both would mark down 2 spaces on your boards! These are donate-able!
Reward: 3 random cards for each completed card, 1 choice card added in for every 5!

Scroll Masteries

Now if you were an original member of Harmony you might remember these. They were around briefly then were pulled from the site. The first design was atrocious, so they have been rethought and restarted! You can find the page for them here. .